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Who Is Travel Across The Borderline?

The Girl

Hi I’m JJ! I have been blogging for 10+ years and have worked with numerous brands such as Megabus, Jamie’s Italian, Bristol Cabot Circus and many more. With this travel blog I aim to empower women to leave their comfort zones and travel to more unusual, unique and misunderstood destinations

The Blog

Travel Across the Borderline is a travel blog which encourages it’s readers to step outside their comfort zones and confront any anxieties that are holding them back from travelling more. The blog focuses on offbeat travel to unusual destinations and finding gems within the more popular destinations.

What I offer

Whether you are a brand new company looking for exposure or an established brand looking for new content for a campaign, I would love to work with you!

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Sponsored content

Do you offer a unique experience or a sustainable product that aligns with my brand? Sponsored content featured on Travel Across The Borderline could give your brand the exposure it needs.

Social media campaigns

From Facebook promotions to Instagram takeovers, I can create fun and engaging content that will help your brand to reach new audiences.

Brand partnerships

I’m always looking to work closely with brands and create long-term partnerships. Especially with brands that truly align with my values and that I would be proud to introduce to my audience.

Press trips

Do you offer a unique tour or represent an underrated destination? My audience is always looking for somewhere new to experience. I will showcase your trip in beautiful and engaging content.

Product reviews

I accept products for review and love to reccomend products to my audience that will benefit them and enhance their travel experiences.

Speaking engagements

I am available to hire as a public speaker for your event or conference. I have many years experience in speaking to large audiences.

What I write about

  • Destination guides & Itineraries
  • Adventure travel
  • Unique and underrated destinations
  • Hidden gems
  • Female solo travel
  • Vegan travel

Examples of popular posts

Who is my target audience?

For a more in-depth analysis of my audience please request a copy of my media kit.

Location & family status

My audience are mostly based in the UK and USA

They are usually single and/or child free


  • Adventure travel
  • Solo travel
  • Eco tourism
  • Conservation
  • Practicing self care
  • Vegetarian and vegan travel 
  • Sustainable travel
  • Quirky and unique travel destinations and experiences
  • Getting off the beaten path and out of their comfort zones

Age & Gender

My audience are Gen Z and Millenials.

The majority of my audience identify as female.

My values

What I stand for

  • Ethical & responsible travel
  • Amplifying local and indigenous voices
  • Advocating on behalf of marginalised groups
  • Sustainability and eco-conscious practices
  • Vegan & vegetarian travel
  • Mental health advocacy
  • Making travel inclusive and accessible

What I don’t stand for

  • Unsustainable travel practices
  • Animal cruelty. e.g. captive dolphin shows or harassment of wild animals etc.
  • Anything that damages the livelihoods of indigenous peoples 
  • Fast fashion and cheap non-sustainable products. 
  • Discrimination of any kind

For more information please view my mission statement

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I only work with businesses that align with my values and that of my readers. All experiences and reviews will be reported honestly. I retain full editorial control over all content published on, or via the Travel Across The Borderline social media channels.

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