Mission statement

Travel across the borderline aims to be a travel blog with a difference. I use my unique perspective as a conservation scientist, world traveller and BPD sufferer to inspire others to dare to leave their comfort zones and embrace fearless travel as a tool for mental wellbeing whilst travelling sustainably and protecting our beautiful planet.

I also educate others on how to start their own journey as a travel blogger and how to reach their true happiness through travel, sustainability and self-care.

Travel Across The Borderline Values

What I stand for…

  • Ethical & responsible travel
  • Amplifying local and indigenous voices
  • Advocating on behalf of marginalised groups
  • Sustainability and eco-conscious practices
  • Vegan & vegetarian travel
  • Mental health advocacy
  • Making travel inclusive and accessible

What I don’t stand for…

  • Unsustainable travel practices
  • Animal cruelty. e.g. captive dolphin shows or harassment of wild animals etc.
  • Anything that damages the livelihoods of indigenous peoples 
  • Fast fashion and cheap non-sustainable products. 
  • Discrimination of any kind