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My Favourite Travel Resources

Travel Itineraries: I offer a range of pre-planned travel itineraries for many popular destinations. Use them to make planning your next trip a breeze!

Accommodation: I always use for hotels and Hostelworld for hostels. I’ve found some great bargains by using these sites!

Flights: My favourite tools to find the cheapest flights are WayAway, Expedia and Skyscanner

Ferries: For cheap ferry tickets I use Ferry Scanner

Activities: I use Viator and GetYourGuide to find the best tours and activities in every destination I visit. I’ve had some fantastic experiences using these sites!

Cashback: With the WayAway Plus membership plan, users get access to premium travel support, travel content prepared by locals, and cashback on flights, hotels, car rentals and other travel services. I love using Wayaway to get cashback on my travel expenses. In fact, it is one of my fave budget travel hacks 😉 Click here to get 10% off of a WayAway Plus membership

Foreign Currency: I highly recommend getting an international card to save you loads of money in expensive bank fees. The Wise Card allows you to spend in 150+ currencies and withdraw cash from ATMs anywhere in the world without paying any bank fees!

Travel Insurance: Never travel without proper travel insurance! I always use EKTA

Luggage Storage: Radical Storage is a Luggage storage network that operates in over 70 countries and 350 cities with more than 3500 storage points. I love using Radical storage to store my bags before or after checking in/out of my hotel as it gives me an extra day to explore without having to worry about dragging my luggage around with me.

Travel Planning services: Did you know that I offer travel planning services and custom itineraries? Let me plan your next trip for you!

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